idk what to put here really so uhm hi.

Okay so no one asked to see this or anything and I’m kinda self-promoting but who cares. 8) This is my blogspot blog that is dedicated to my rats. I will be updating it more, and uploading things like diy rat toy ideas, how to sew hammocks, their diet (aka what this link is to, because I know people are always interested in rat diets), and other things!

I will also be uploading videos to my Youtube channel, which is this right here. There’s just one video up now about my three older rats, showing their size.

So anyways, if you’re interested have a look! ( ; w;)/ Thanks guys!

"senpai… please notice me…"

not even sorry.




Some quick random pokemon pics


my pens suck but decided im gonna do inktober 6 days late :L


Grace ! Ou Gracie Grace, Gracie, etc…
La Momartik de ma très chère Sepia !


Cute backpacks from fashionkawaii 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
use code 'kiiseu17' for 10% off on all items


I wanted to draw Hamtaro lol- 

silent hills p.t. + red


Mega Bird Force 1 Reporting for duty

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